August 23, 2011


The biggest pregnancy surprise for me has been just how disagreeable I've become. On a simple walk to work (punctuated by a short surrender to a garbage can for my breakfast to make a reappearance), the list of things that grate on my nerves is long:

- My tongue (feels too big for my mouth - it is, but it has never presented itself that way before)

- Food trucks (a personal attack from the city of New York)

- How short the person is walking next to me

- People walking next to me generally (sound thoughts, I know)

- People asking me questions (I generally like strangers, not now)

- The noise of the bus letting off steam when the stop light turns green

- Certain types of dogs (cocker spaniels and little poodles especially)

- The announcement of a noontime concert in the courtyard of the building where I work (could anything be more aggravating?)

- New York smells: tar mixed with urine and coffee and smoke, heaps of garbage bags, ladies' perfume, (they were all there, but mostly dormant before, but now it is like someone is brewing them just for me)

So, I walk around holding my breath, cringing and scowling. I look amazing.

Lots of people will make you feel guilty - like by saying that your mood will determine the baby's, or other such nonsense. Well, if that is true, this baby is going to be pretty unlikable and obnoxious.

Upward trends include the fact that I don't care about things that would have really bothered me before - like in the past, I would have been mortified by throwing up in a garbage can at the Rockefeller Center at 8am in public.


D1Warbler said...

Instead, you are grateful that there was a garbage can handy just when you desperately needed one regardless of how public the venue is!

I found I couldn't stand the smell of pork or the sight of cream of mushroom soup -- especially when Jim was eating it for breakfast -- during my first pregnancy.

You'll find that this unpleasant stage will soon pass; and you will be in the euphoric stage -- which lasts much longer -- until the last few weeks when you will be in the, "could we just be done now" stage!

Roseann said...

All Normal-

Marnie said...

I was downright aggressive during the first trimester of my first pregnancy and that daughter is just lovely, although she does have a temper. But it rarely surfaces. You and the baby will be just fine : ) However, keep this general belligerence and save a bit for later on when people refuse to give up a seat to a heavily pregnant woman. You'll likely need to be your own advocate.

Jill said...

Oh wow. I can relate to all of that. I can't even count how many public places I had the pleasure of throwing up in. Luckily, this will pass.

Laney said...

My whole family became vegetarian when I was pregnant with Eva - except when I wanted steak. For me, gum helped. And the whole thing about your mood affecting your baby's attitude is bupkis . . . Things usually get better at about week 13-16 :)

Laney said...

Oh, and saltine crackers or oyster crackers helped, as did sour patch kids. Prenatal vitamins made my morning sickness worse, but I could handle gummi vitamins :)

Marcha said...

I remember all of that, I was jealous of the people who talked about pregnancy as an amazing, wonderful experience! Just remember you get a baby at the end, and it will all be worth it!

Xtreme English said...

One of the things that makes you such a wonderful photographer is the extent to which you are AWARE of things. This pregnancy seems to be no different. When I was pregnant for the first time, all I was aware of was feeling nauseated to the max for the first 5 months. Just walking through the kitchen turned my stomach.

Erika said...

Ha ha! Emilie I apologized in advance to Richard and close friends this go around. I know how moody I get and there's nothing I can do about it :)

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