August 24, 2011

New Camera.

I bought the Sony NEX-5. Thrilled. So excited. Tiny body, huge sensor size. Paired with various lenses, it takes a comically absurd look. Very nice to shoot with - I think a new generation/way to do cameras.

Here with the 16-55mm lens.

Here with the (!!!!!) 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS lens. Makes me crazy.

Here is very low light (the large sensor). The camera has a great feature - it shoots HDR (creates a composite image from 3 almost simultaneous/different exposures - shooting for color/contrast/tone differently, but then melds them to create one image. Photographers have done this a lot in photoshop. Opens up possibilities - often useful in a very sunny/shady situation, because it will expose for both).

It also shoots HD video.


D1Warbler said...

I'm in love!

Maria Petrova said...

Really cool, Em. Beautiful images.

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