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June 26, 2009

While I was sleeping...

Sleep is a funny thing. Our sleeping selves experience all sorts of other worlds and rarely do we encounter those/us in our lived reality. I am not the only Johnson who has a strange way of sleeping. Some of us are insomniacs, some of us are super sleepers (me, Stephen, Marc, my Mom: we can sleep anywhere at any time. I remember being 12 years old, sitting in the front seat of the van with my Mom next to me driving. We pulled up to a green light and she turned to me and asked me to wake her up when the light turned green. She was serious. I did), some of us are super interactive/reactive during sleep...we talk, we shout, we sit up in the bed and take a huge gasp of air and cry out.

Last night, Xavier n'arrivait pas a trouver le sommeil (couldn't find his sleep - I love this expression in French) and was lying in bed. In the dark he heard me:

Me: "They are so pretty"

Xavier: "What are so pretty?"

Me: "Those boxes."

(A little later): "When I close my eyes I see boxes with numbers on them."


Malanie said...

Em thanks for sharing, that is funny about sleep
love you

Jill said...

I remember those boxes. They must have made quite the impression on you.

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