June 22, 2009

All Around

What has been on my mind recently? These things:

Scuba masked monas.

Urban giraffes.

Ornate frames for street lights.

Scowling ladies at odd church entrances.


Two men sitting at a table wearing the same tie. It is exactly the same. The photo does not do it justice. (Xavier and I walked past, he pointed it out - I was pouting at that moment for some reason - but I couldn't help smiling at the sight of it).

Little Marguerite and her doudou (the white piece of fabric she has hanging from her mouth). Doudou comes from doux = soft in French. All French kids I know have doudous. Sometimes the doudou is a little animal, but more often it is a small square of fabric like this one. Whenever there is a crisis at hand or Marguerite is fussy, she cries out "mon doudou!"

These three. My step-daughter and my niece and nephew. They are on my mind a lot. They are the best part of France (my France).

The scooter and the two dudes on it. Xavier and his Dad. They crack me up.

Paris weather this month. Crazy. Look close. There is brilliant sun - hot sun - and pelting rain - cold rain.

Frenchies. Frogs.

Remember this doe? She is still in her window, but look, she has been all dolled up:

There was an article in the Economist the other week which claimed that expats in general are more creative than average citizens. If this is true (and of course, we have to question the causal link there, for perhaps more creative people go to live in foreign countries to begin with), and I am becoming more creative because I live in a foreign country, it is thanks to all of this stuff that I process with my eyeballs and in my head all the time.


Melanie said...

Looks like you are having fun, I love the picutres, Marguriete is so cute, and I love how she likes her doudou, comfort. That is so cute, and adorable, I love and miss you and I am so excited to see you soon. Families are forever, good luck with everything! love you

Rosie said...

The scooter looks like fun! But the outfit on our friend doe is something out of the twilight zone - where could I find one? You do have a knack for finding unusual and inspiring sights . . . like the Mona with a scuba mask!

JR said...

One fond memory of Paris last summer:

When Joyce was upset, Marguerite would frantically shout for someone to bring her a doudou!

We like to boogey.

Jill said...

Emilie, you could go to the most boring place on the planet and find something interesting there. Thanks for sharing all your unusual sightings. I can't decide which is my favorite.

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