June 28, 2009

Voix Sur Berges

This weekend there were all sorts of voices floating across water bodies in Paris. First, we ran across these guys on Île Saint-Louis:

Then we were rollerblading by the Canal St. Martin (around which they close the roads to cars, so it is perfect for rolling about) and heard voices, chorusing all over the place. The first group, we thought, ah interesting - a choir by the canal. Then we kept going and there were at least 10 of these choirs performing. They called it Voix Sur Berges (Voices On Riverbanks).

Then we found this band of colorful singers who were singing Lucienne Delyle's Mon amant de Saint-Jean. All of the Frenchies around us, including Xavier, joined in.

Then there was this bike. What a creation and what a performance.

We were in high spirits.


Jill said...

I'm thinking Xavier should join a choir.

Rosie said...

Bravo! I'm with Jill. There are Tabernacle Choir tryouts soon X-man.

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