June 25, 2009

Staircase in Le Marais

rue de Braque

I teach in an old building (~18th c.) in Le Marais, which is on a tiny road (rue de Braque), which opens onto a big open courtyard when you push the heavy and imposing deep blue door of the building open.

The courtyard.

I have worked here for a year now and just this week I made a grand discovery. This staircase:

The staircase is original (so presumably 18th c.) and is a stunner. It is hidden, in corner of the courtyard I never go to, but once you walk through the doors, the staircase unfolds and shows its wonders.

Looking up.

And down.


Melanie said...

That is a lot of stairs, it reminds me of the stairs they have on movies. Thanks for sharing, love you,

Rosie said...

It is fun to see where you work each day! I can imagine you walking the courtyard with your students having stimulating conversations!! Just a note about Grandma Miller, she is home and doing well. Love you!

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