April 4, 2009

Serge, Jane, Beautiful


Unknown said...

Hey there, I was pining for Paris and when that happens I sometimes see what some of the expat bloggers are writing about, resulting in me stumbling across your blog. I am really enjoying it; you've got a great tone.

Anyway, I'll get to my point. It's about the second piece of graffiti in this post - the building it is attached to will always have a place in my memory. My partner and I call this building "the ugliest building in Paris" and used it as landmark when getting around that part of the city last summer. It is so ugly compared to everything else around it.

Paris has such amazing graffiti. It was one of our favourite discoveries about the city. Everywhere we went we saw images that made us realize that graffiti can be beautiful and can contribute to a civic landscape - from the monsieur chat images to the space invader tiles to the pasted screen prints like these. Fantastic and thoughtful stuff compared to the uninspired tags we get here in Toronto. Thanks for sharing these.

BTW, you take great photos. Your family and friends are lucky to be able to experience your life in Paris through your eyes. Thanks from this stranger, too!



Emilie said...


Thanks for this lovely message - really nice to read your thoughts.

You know, I completely agree with you about this particular building. It is a weird sports center, à la française (which is to say, quasi sportive) and an eye sore in a spot in Paris where everything else around is lovely...or at least interesting.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and come back to the City of Lights very soon...

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