April 20, 2009


Here was the trajectory of our trip:

This was our equipment:

A lot of fun, a little cabriolet, like that. We drove a lot, as you can see. All nice aspects of a little trip to Italy. The only catch was that Xavier is obsessive. This is not new, but during our trip, it took the form of keeping the roof of the car open at all times. Unless rain was pouring from the sky, he insisted that the roof be open. Now in Sicily (as you can see further down), nothing could be better. But further north, I was shaking in my seat or trying to blow as much heat from the heater on my hands that could no longer grab the steering wheel, as they had frozen over. Had to take advantage of every moment.


Mels said...

HOw long of a drive was it? Looks like a long drive, thanks
love you

Jill said...

I'm sorry your drive was so cold, but I've driven with Xavier. I'm just glad you came back alive!

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