April 8, 2009


I always had a thing for Cadbury Eggs. The gooey white stuff in the middle - sucking it out of the chocolate shell...love it. When I was a student in Hawaii, I had only a certain budget and decided to purchase a car with my funds rather than saving it for food. Poor choice. Consequently, I ate a whole lot of rice, but when Easter rolled around and one of my roommates received a care package with a bundle of Cadbury Eggs, I was down on my knees begging. She indulged me with quite a few and I remember savoring every lick and swearing that when I had money again I would choose Cadbury Eggs at every turn.

Now it is Easter time in France and my Cadbury fixation is fixed. That is to say, gone. Have a look at these chocolate delicacies and you will see that those foil wrapped things don't even compare:

Ladurée's Version:

And Fauchon's:

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