April 30, 2009

Premier’s Roving Eye Enrages Wife, but Not His Public

Front page headline of the New York Times this morning. As an addendum to my post on Berlusconi, Italian TV, the rest. Apparently, Berlusoni's wife, Veronia Lario publicly rebuked her husband this week for his philandering. It seems the rest of Italy doesn't mind.

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Michelle said...

Great article, I never cease to be amazed and entertained by what he manages to get away with. Have seen clips of him meeting members of Italian public and they adore him, he is treated like some kind of rock star, even by the nonnas! If I were Signora Berlusconi, the next letter he would be reading would be from my lawyer suing him for a big fat d-i-v-o-r-c-e. That or send 'the boys' around to straighten him out!

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