April 21, 2008

Spring in Paris

I took a walk in Jardin des Plantes today. I love poppies (les coquelicots) especially here - their vibrance in contrast with the gray looming sky. And then the cherry tree below, in full bloom - popping.

I spoke to my Grandpa Johnson on the phone this afternoon, who is not feeling very well. He asked me what I remembered about my Grandma (who died a few years ago). I told him that what I remember most about my Grandma is her love for small things. Her awe of squirrels, of the stems of flowers and of cardinals - their deep red color. I learned the way to look at these things from her.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Those poppies are gorg. I should post some of Indiana right now too because the magnolias are so beautiful and the tulips are coming up and our green grass is covered with the tiniest violets.

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