April 20, 2008

Peering Faces (étranges visages aux fenêtres)

I love this little road close to our apartment that winds up to Montmartre. It's called rue des Martyrs. One of the most obviously charming aspects of Paris is the fact that everyday shopping is basically done in a series of markets or little specialty shops. So, there is la boulangerie (the bread bakery), la patisserie (the cake bakery), la boucherie (the meat shop), la charcuterie (the sausage shop), la poissonnerie (the fish shop), le marchand de fruits (fruit seller), and of course, la fromagerie (the cheese shop). Well, several of each of these shops can be found on the rue des Martyrs, and much more.

One day I was having a little walk up this road to do my shopping and I looked up and saw a rather ugly building covered in graffiti. I thought to myself, ah - such a shame - most of the buildings on this road are well-maintained and then there is this. But then I saw the faces peering from the window at the top of the building. And then I was charmed. Check them out.

They are grotesque - comical - much larger than they should be - totally bizarre and almost horrific. What are they doing up there?


Aralena said...

Wow. I'm a total sucker for industrial decay, but this has me mesmerized.

Thiruppathy Raja said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

Nettoyage fenêtres Brossard

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