April 25, 2008

L'Ecole de Séduction

The other day I was sitting in front of the computer with my niece, Louise. She was showing me her favorite games on-line for kids. She clicked on one link and brought up a page called, "Les Jeux de Séduction" (Seduction Games). I took a quick glance and thought for certain she had landed erroneously. I was wrong. In fact, these games were among her favorites.

We looked around on the site (click here to have a look) and found a plethora of games of 'seduction' for young girls. In the various scenarios, it was Louise's job to dress and make-up the girls with the objective of charming a dashing young man. These games were deemed: Pour Reines de Beauté (For Queens of Beauty), with the assurance that, "Les jeux de séduction sont sûrement les jeux de filles les plus complets du net." (Games of seduction are surely the most comprehensive games for girls on the net).

I was disturbed. I asked Louise if the following scenario actually made for a fun game to play: Romane et Benjamin sont en couple depuis peu de temps. Ils cherchent encore beaucoup à se séduire et ils font très attention à leur look quand ils ont rendez-vous ensemble. (Romaine and Benjamin have been in a relationship for a short time. They are still hoping to seduce each other and they pay very close attention to their 'look' when they get together).

Later on in the week, my Irish colleague, Derek, plopped a magazine in front of me on the table at work. I looked down and I saw this:

I couldn't believe my eyes. What? A seduction school? Amazing. And who, exactly, did that woman, featured so prominently (and so unflatteringly), in the ad think she was?

I decided to do a bit more research. Perhaps I was missing an important cultural element here. I took a peek on the seduction school's website, and found a gold mine. Literally.

I thought L'Ecole de Séduction (The School of Seduction) was maybe a bad joke, or perhaps the term 'seduction' was being used loosely to encompass the idea of being successful and charismatic with people. Not at all.

The founder, Veronique J. was featured prominently throughout the website and thoroughly explains her intent when she created the school. She answers such pressing questions as "comment garder l’homme qui me plaît?" (How can I keep the man I fancy?). And she insists that the approach is: "un credo de "féminine" plus que de "féministe" ! (The credo is "feminity" more than "feminism"!)...

She continues (and please note, I have added her original french below, because it is highly amusing. In my translation of it, I have tried to remain as true to her unique and very heavy writing style as possible...):

D’une façon générale, la femme est trop en attente du Prince Charmant. Elle est toujours en contradiction, oscillant entre rêve et réalité, entre Harisson Ford (Les Aventurier de l’Arche Perdue) et Michael Douglas (Wall Street), entre nature et sécurité … exigeant la fantaisie…en plus ! Elle pourrait trouver son idéal dans James Bond. Mais, il faut bien l’avouer, les 007 ne courent pas les rues !

In general, women wait too much for Prince Charming. They are always in contradiction, oscillating between dreams and reality, between Harrison Ford and Michael Douglas, between nature and security...demanding fantasy...and more! Women could find their ideal man in James Bond, but you must admit, 007's aren't running all over the place!

She explains, however, that the school and training are not just for women:

On le voit : il s’agit de tout un programme pour transmettre aux hommes d’aujourd’hui le pouvoir de séduire qui leur permettra de mieux choisir leur partenaire ou leur conjointe.

It is all about a plan to teach modern men the power of seduction which will allow them to best choose their partner.

She insists that men must remember that:

Même si aujourd’hui, il fait ressortir son côté féminin – ce dont je ne le blâme pas – il doit néanmoins veiller à ce que son côté masculin ne s’endorme pas. Le fait de montrer ses émotions est positif mais l’homme ne doit pas pour autant oublier de montrer sa force. L’homme trop "tiède" instaure une relation insipide qui ne fait vibrer personne.

Even if nowadays, men show their feminine side (for which I do not blame them), they must always make sure that they don't put their masculine side on standby. Showing one's emotions is positive, but at the same time, men must not forget to show their force. The man who is lukewarm in his approach establishes an insipid relationship that will excite no-one.

She then explains the general cause of waning seductive powers:

Mais hélas, souvent à cause d’une éducation trop rigide ou d’un milieu où l’on n’exprime jamais ses émotions, la séduction se rendort et s’évanouit. Séduire peut se faire avec naturel chez certains, comme cuisiner … Mais la différence est dans l’art avec lequel on exerce sa séduction. A ce propos, je tiens particulièrement à préciser que le but de mon Ecole n’est pas de faire de mes élèves des séducteurs mais des êtres plus séduisants.

But alas, it is often caused by a too-rigid education or a social environment where one never express his/her emotions - seduction gets put to sleep and fades. In certain people, seduction is natural, like cooking...but the difference is in the art with which one exerts his/her seductive power. In this regard, I maintain in particular that the goal of my school is not to make my students seducers, but rather, more seductive beings.

So, tell us...

Comment, concrètement, se déroulent vos stages ?

How, concretely, does the training proceed?

Fidèle à mon mot d’ordre : Agir, agir et encore agir ! mes stages respectent le pourcentage suivant : 20 % de théorie pour 80 % d’action.
Après un profil de personnalité et une évaluation par notre psychologue, après avoir redéfini précisément les objectifs de chaque élève, nous personnalisons un stage étalé sur 9 mois

True to my motto: Act, act and act again! The training follows this percentage: 20% theory, 80% action.
After a personal profile and evaluation by our psychologist, and after having precisely defined the objectives of each student, we personalize a program spread over 9 months.

And extremely important!

ll faut beaucoup de motivation et de courage pour faire la démarche.

It is necessary to have significant motivation and courage to start the training.

She finishes with:

Je considère mes élèves comme des oiseaux en cage à qui je dois montrer le chemin de la liberté.

I consider my students as birds in a cage, to whom I show the way to liberty.

She even has a whole team of people to help her in her passionate effort:

And she is pretty much famous and celebrated for all of this! Check out all the publicity in France:

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