April 25, 2008

SEINE-ing It

Today, I dashed away from work at lunchtime, grabbed a velib (rentable bicycles with automatic stations all over Paris), and flew to Pont Neuf (pont = bridge) to attend an "Obama Peace Rally." I was interested in what Obama supporters were like on this side of the Atlantic. Well, the mantra YES WE CAN wasn't quite that...the turn-out looked something like this:

But otherwise, I think this is a good moment to feature that lovely waterway which flows through this city. There are many coves and walkways along its banks and some of my favorite places to lounge about like a big fluffy cat and read a book are here. Or, for instance, to watch dogs. (Can you believe how remarkably charming this one below is?)

The pathways along the Seine are also obviously great places to romp with lovely friends who come from New York (e.g. Chris Melton) ---->

Chris - the sepia one is for you...

1 comment:

Maria Petrova said...

windblown and cheery! i love these pics.

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