October 11, 2014

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I like to read a book to Colette that features Degas' ballerinas. We went to the Met tonight to go visit some of his paintings. She understood that was the mission, or so we thought. She walked into the museum and promptly started yelling, "Degas, Degas, De-gas!" (she didn't know what she was looking for exactly - a person? a thing?). I kept telling her we would get to those paintings, just to be patient a bit. We arrived in the 19th c. French painting section and we found the ballerinas. Great. She loved the dancers. Said so. We walked out of that section and she carried on, "Degas?! Where are you?" I tried to explain. I guess I had built it up and then it didn't satisfy.

She did see this painting by Lerolle, ran toward it and exclaimed, "LOOK! Medicine go down!!" She couldn't quite point out Degas, but she did find Mary Poppins.

We pretty much followed her lead to the best parts of the museum. Every time I go to that museum I realize how opportune it is to just jump on a bus, hop down the road and arrive at the Metropolitan Museum.


RebeccaNYC said...

Very sweet indeed. And I love that painting of the singer...such a familiar setting for me, even if it is in a different century. And she's right. The singer DOES look like Mary Poppins!

Jill said...

I love that place, but I'm sure I would enjoy it even more with Colette tagging along.

PeregrineBlue said...

Totally cracked me up. Still working on a care package
as there is always so much going on and I tend to be
a slow mo in how I move. But just delight in stopping by
and relishing Colette. Richard and I make a point of reading all your posts outloud together. Love you all so much!

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