October 18, 2014


The Wendy Hilliard Foundation provides an amazing resource to Harlem kids: gymnastics at this gym (on 143rd Street - almost to the East River). Colette goes to a class on Saturday mornings to test out all sorts of things: trampolines, uneven bars, balance beams. All just exploratory with other 2 year old friends, to find out about balance and jumping and seat drops and forward rolls and obstacle courses. It makes me want to start all over again and break out my cartwheels and test my back bend limits.

Watching the big girls and waiting for her turn.

Stretching it out on the mats, toes pointed.


Pouting, because she is two and at that she is already highly trained.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

She is very flexible -- great for gymnastics! Lucky girl.

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