October 31, 2014

American epic space opera in Harlem.

The scooter actually inspired the costume.

The doorbell rang and I sent Romy to go see who it could be. Stormtrooper papa.

And madame Yoda eating gobs of candy.

They went out to patrol the scene.

Lots of trick-or-treaters on our block in Harlem.

Marguerite wanted to be a witch this year. Charming witch lady. She did a tour with some witch friends from the neighborhood. It was really sweet how much anticipation Marguerite felt for Halloween; she arrived a couple of weeks ago and counted down the days.

So, no, Colette did not elect to be Yoda. It was chosen for her. When we would ask her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she would say - "I'm going to be a pink one and Romy is going to be a red one, and you are going to be a green one, and papa will be a brown one and Marguerite a blue one. Uncle Stephen can be a white one and Uncle John a black one." We thought maybe she wanted to be a paint set, but it wasn't quite clear. When we introduced the Yoda costume, she put it on and smiled a big smile.

Romy too. She is full of those.

Romy's own hair was better than the hat for her costume.

We all wanted to be the stormtrooper.


Rosie said...

The force was evident! That storm trooper had to be taken by that little ewalk and yoda!

andrew said...

Collete may have wanted to be gugglebum, not a paint set:)

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