November 17, 2013

Queen Colette.

In the first few months after Colette was born, I had the impression that she was unfolding - letting her limbs and body uncoil to occupy the space of the world. I still have that impression - but with her personality. Her little 'yeah' replies - wide eyes, head nodding when I pose questions or make statements, sometimes even adult ones (this evening: "I'm feeling tired tonight Colette, bath time might be short, OK?" - "Yeah," she agreed, head confirming that she could empathize and was OK with the call).

Love the feet. And the way she greets her doudou regardless of the time of day or how many times they've already said hi.

Stringing words into whole songs. She is almost there.


Brad said...

I loved this post. Watching her in the videos helped me appreciate how rapidly she is growing. Thanks for sharing these priceless moments.

Rosie said...

Bravo! Colette. Very beautiful singing;)

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