November 27, 2013

My irrational pregnant fears.

I have a few.

Fear #1: Getting punched in the stomach by someone on the subway platform.

Fear #2: Baby kicking/swiveling so hard it rips a hole in my uterus (this little lady seems strong).

Fear #3: Getting suddenly sick at work and vomiting all over the carpet and walls because I can't make it to the bathroom. (Oh right, that actually happened this week. Now all of my colleagues inch away from me as they ask how I am feeling).

Fear #4: That I'll be like this forever: this big, this cumbersome, this unable to run fast.

Fear #5: That this thing keeps growing every day inside of me and has to come out eventually.

1 comment:

Aralena said...

I was afraid of being punched in the belly on public transport, too! Must be a universal phobia. In reality, I & the belly were the ones colliding into everyone.

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