November 2, 2013

New York Botanical Garden.

Xavier said it while soaking in today's unashamed November sun (which felt like September sun): "I wish I could freeze this moment forever." Those are the best moments - when life really feels that good and beauty is swarming. We went to the Botanical Garden in the Bronx (Marguerite's last day in NYC before she heads back to Paris). The girls both sensed how unique beauty of that sharpness is and we all wished it could last and last (just as we wish Marguerite's stays could go on and on). The picture above is what Colette trying to keep up with Marguerite generally looks like. Wide-legged dashes.

Marguerite's treasures from the woods.

We ran into some canoes along the way and decided we had better take a tour of the river. Miss Colette was quite delighted by the prospect of everyone wearing puffy suits for the ride. She got in and didn't begin to insist on standing until about halfway through.

Xavier paddled us along, cocky about his canoe-monoevering skills. He brags better than anyone I else know.

When Colette's standing up bit began, she also decided that she would take over paddling. It was hard to convince her otherwise.

But then she was tired.

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D1Warbler said...

Great photo of Xavier and his two little girls walking in the woods!

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