October 31, 2013


Halloween is fantastic at our house. Mostly because Marguerite is always here for the holiday, but also because we live in a festive neighborhood, where ghosts and goblins and witches don almost every door and the city closes off the block to let disguised children run the street for the night. Colette was, of course, immediately sold on the whole thing. "CAN-Y"! "CAN-Y"! shouted she, as she clomped around the house and down the street in her cowgirl boots and hat - wide-eyed at the variety of creatures roaming surrounding her. Marguerite has found some neighborhood friends who took her on a round of the block. When they arrived, she pronounced "Hold on a moment, I need to go find my magic wand," in perfect English. (Just this year her English has really taken hold. Up to this point, she has been hesitant and shy - a very different Marguerite in one language than the other. Now, American Marguerite is bold and her grammar mistakes don't deter her at all. She chatters to Colette in a mixture of the two languages - American accent thick! - and Colette chatters back mixing words in both (Colette's first full sentence was in French: Bateau sur l'eau. It will be fascinating to see where these little ladies land).

Then we had a little soirée chez nous - complete with black and white checkered mystery man in black and dancing skeletons.


A little Madonna dancing for the girls. Training à l'Uncle Stephen.

Dreamy cowgirl.

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Rosie said...

Cutest little cowgirl in the whole world!

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