July 22, 2013

Some of my favorite people.

While in Provence, Xavier felt inspired. He wanted to play farmer. So, he hopped on the tractor at the house in Eyragues and mowed a field or two next to the vines and the fruit trees, Marguerite saddling up for the fun. Equally spirited.

Cousin Louise, who followed Colette's lead and danced, mimed and paused in sync with Miss 15-month old.

I love my Louise and now that we live back in NYC, she is far too far away.

Ma Marie. Colette & Marie had a special bond. First, Marie and Colette look alike. I see Marie in Colette all the time and when they would trot along hand in hand it was totally apparent they were kin. It was sweet to see Colette next to her French cousins because she fit - she looks just like them - big brown eyes and chestnut hair. When we take her to the Johnsons, she is a lone wolf surrounded by her little blondie/blue eyed cousins.

Jules and Marguerite had a special connection this round. They played endless card games and connected in mourning over lost cicadas - very sweet last rites performed here.

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