June 7, 2013

Hamilton Heights: The Grange.

Right up the street from us is a new joint called "The Grange". It is a neighborhood eatery/pub and we are super excited about all the great new spots opening up around our part of Harlem: Hamilton Heights. I guess Xavier has a knack for choosing vanguard neighborhoods, because two years ago when we bought our house, you might not have guessed the potential around here (I certainly wasn't totally convinced). The owner of the "The Grange" is an Irish gentleman named Roy and we love what he has done with the place. We can't wait to take friends to brunch here on the weekend.

1 comment:

Xtreme English said...

How exciting! Can't wait to haul my daughter & granddaughter up there! They were too scared to come to my graduation at City College. But it's a gorgeous neighborhood--then and now.

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