June 10, 2013

Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

On that idyllic farm 30 minutes north of Manhattan...is a tractor. Colette found it and drove for a long while.

There are divine bouquets of freshly cut flowers from their fields.

Chickens grazing the way they were meant to, not in some terrifying factory-farmed broiler house situation.

Younglings growing in the greenhouse swelter.

Pig tails. Colette loved the pig tails and their constant snorting.

Long, winding trails in the woods. Colette took a long nap on a long walk where we got lost and enjoyed all the moments of the stillness around - the mushrooms and the water and the ripening strawberries.

Patchwork fields of crops. So beautiful.

On Sundays there is a farmer's market and a lovely cafe for baked goods and brunch (and of course, a renowned restaurant for the rather well-heeled - the restaurant purchases 70% of the farm's goods for its food).

Blue Hill at Stone Barns | 630 Bedford Rd, Pocantico Hills, NY


Rosie said...

Better than "Old McDonald"! Colette you are a natural.

Holly said...

I took Jordan and Meredith there for a divine birthday celebration last year. So mazing. Being served their delectable bites was like being in a ballet...every mover choreographed to delight!

Emily + Eric said...

Looks like heaven on earth to me. I think Grandpa Vere would be so pleased with Colette's tractor skills.

Emilie said...

Totally agreed, Emily. Grandpa Vere would be proud.

Love your description of the restaurant, Holly...

PeregrineBlue said...

what a beautiful place to behold Emilie. i have enjoyed a full half our of looking at each and every adventure colette and marguerite have had this summer. you are looking great. my favorite....that little naked bottom stroll under the sycamore tree. how fun. love to stop by.

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