February 15, 2013

Papers. 1946-1959

Xavier had a brilliant idea for a Friday night activity with little lady Colette. Times Square. No not really, although we walked through it and Colette's eyes were exploding with all the lights (her head probably too). We really headed to Kinokuniya Bookstore near Bryant Park (on Avenue of the Americas between 40th and 41st Streets) and if you live in NYC or ever come here, this is definitely a place to go. One of my favorite co-workers once told me about it when I was searching for a special gift. It is a true Japanese bookshop. Some of the women who work there don't speak English. Think 1,300 different types of pens. Tiny notebooks, hoards of stickers and Totoro paraphernalia everywhere (you can guess who got enthusiastic about that. And her dad). Colette was in heaven. It was the perfect mixture of calm and allure for her - she was surrounded by hundreds of items she wanted to wave to - she got sort of frantic - darting her eyes around to make sure there weren't other smiling heads about to blow kisses at. Paper goods are my favorite at Japanese stores like this. I found a book of paper - wall paper, I guess, - the pages were filled with this sort of thing (illustrations all from 1946-1959, apparently):

The book looks like this. Check it out here.

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