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February 5, 2013

Colette in double.

Her mirror selves are so comical. I can't figure out if she recognizes herself yet. She is always grabbing at her hair when she sees a mirror - maybe she thinks the baby contained in the glass needs a bit of coiffing at least.

The cankles appear to have some staying power.

For a baby who has never liked to cuddle, she has been doing this lately. She will be excitable and wild - baby limbs all over and then will suddenly lay her head down on my thigh for 20 seconds. She pretends to go to sleep. Cracks me up.


Brad said...

Absolutely adorable!

gaminette said...

hahaha!! baby cankles! my niece had a double chin till well into toddler-hood. My brother called her "chin-chilla." haha!

rosiejohnson said...

This little one will be running by her first birthday! She is a beauty!

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