February 16, 2013


Such a contrast this afternoon between the gray sky, the ashen curves of the Guggenheim (I actually like this museum best against a somber sky) and the warm spectacle inside.

It was even warmer because when Colette and I walked into the museum, we found Jordan and Meredith. The best. And a museum is, in fact, a very fitting place for little ladies like Colette. High contrast, lots of color, space to walk and romp and crawl and so many new people to wave at.

The show was Gutai: Splendid Playground.

While I didn't necessarily love all the components of the Gutai show, I appreciated the spectacle at the Guggenheim - one of my favorite spaces to see art. I always walk away just wowed. I also appreciate Meredith's analysis of the hanging pieces - that they reminded her of those frozen Otter Pops, with just a bit of the juice left. Denominating what might be art and what might not be art at museums is one of Meredith's specialties.

One of Colette's very favorite parts of the excursion was "walking" down the entire Guggeneheim cylindrical ramp - showing off her new competencies: sloppily placing one foot in front of the other - often pitched forward gazing at the ground, her shadow, or leaning back looking at the ceiling.

Apart from the baby tricks, we were all pretty charmed by Zarina: Paper Like Skin. This one is called Crawling House (1994) - made of hand-cut and molded tin. Her materials and pieces were my favorite.

A lot of waving and charming à la Colette J-J.


Jill said...

Leave it to Meredith to compare the sculptures to Otter Pops. She got it right of course.

Holly said...

Aren't daughters just wonderful?? And, how fun for Colette to experience the Guggenheim at her tender age! I love it...

Xtreme English said...

I love the Guggenheim, too. Still recall the fabulous motorcycle exhibit of years ago!

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