July 13, 2012

Love in Baugé.

We love Baugé. It is a sleepy French town. Very sleepy. The other evening I went for a run at 8pm and did not see another soul in the village or anywhere along the country roads. It was beautiful - magnificent, but I felt very alone. The shutters in the town close up early and people generally stay inside after 6pm. The boulangerie and the market gossip is a continual source of entertainment for me as a visitor and foreigner - stories of competition between bakeries in town to lure the villagers with the best croissants, the market rotisserie chicken that is worth every cent of the 18 euros the vendor has the audacity to charge...etc and on and on. France in these corners doesn't change all that much over time. I've grown to love Baugé. We are often hyperactive in my family, so Baugé was a transition for me. Sometimes here we don't go anywhere for an entire day, apart from the marché to get some produce for one of the ceremonious meals. This time around, I have soaked it up. With little baby Colette a rhythm like that has been delicious. Lying around - listening to baby babble, long baths, afternoon naps, lots of cheese. Yum.

The scenes on my run.

Xavier's dad, Vincent, working on painting the windows of the house.

Stories for the baby.

One night we played a game in the garden. Marguerite and Jules led the merriment. The instructions were clear: find the items hidden all over the yard. Marguerite added, "Some of them are hidden in very difficult places. For example, in the hole at the back of the letter box."


Jill said...

This sound heavenly. I'm dying for my life to slow down a bit. An afternoon nap is something I can't even imagine.

Brad said...

I want to go to Bauge with you one time.

Alisa said...

Fun to scroll through photos of your trip. Beautiful people in beautiful places.

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