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July 5, 2012

An encounter.

It was just a small caress - a gentle rub as I walked up the slanted street with the claustrophobic sidewalk. The problem was the setting. The problem was the smell. The problem was the fur. The movement - frantic, as only a caress from a rat could be on a hot, sweaty Marseille night. Yes, a rat ran into me in Marseille. I returned to the apartment to recount my tale and found unsurprised faces and rat stories in response. In 2010 Marseille garbage workers went on strike for 7 weeks. Infestation. A friend found her daughter sitting in a sandbox with a rat nuzzling up against her - just wanting some love. Amazing. Etc. I know New York is similar - I guess the rats are just less outgoing.


Jill said...

I hate rats! Nasty tails (and tales).

Xtreme English said...

Where I used to live in DC was rat heaven: supermarket across the street, restaurant next door, ice cream shop on the bottom floor, and a corner deli on the other side. Some genius thought to rid us of the rats with poisoned grain. All that did was cause them to crawl back into the walls to die and stink up the place. horrible. good luck.

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