July 23, 2012


This girl is a beauty (and on that subject - it is charming how much she is looking like her papa these days...those eyes). We love our time with her...in the summer it is stretched out and un-rushed - just what we need. Marguerite has been absolutely tender with Colette. She is so proud to be an older sister - rushes in when anyone is eyeing Colette to make sure they know who's who. Nap times - she insists on a final kiss from "sa grande soeur" and any other time there is movement of the baby. We haven't detected jealousy or territorial-ness - maybe a bit with her daddy (she will come and place herself between Xavier and the baby on the bed), but that is pretty normal given the exceptional bond those two share. Marguerite and I have always shared a special bond too and yet, the first time Marguerite met Colette (when Colette was 3 weeks old), I had a hard time - not an easy confession. I was fiercely protective - maternal hormones raging through me. My sister comforted me when she told me she wanted to keep her own little monster away from her baby (referring to her first baby - then a toddler) when the second was born. I know Marguerite has had to be patient with this new baby - Colette requires a whole lot of attention and focus - and Marguerite has been almost adult about understanding that. It is touching to see how my family have considered Marguerite in this - my brothers who live in New York pay special attention to Marguerite when both she and Colette are in the same room with them. I guess in a family of eight, we all lived the pain of being the "older kid" who gets ignored when a new baby pops out (except you, Andrew!). It has been beautiful to watch how when Colette catches a glimpse of Marguerite, she beams - big, wide-mouth smile. Even though Colette is only 4 months old, it is clear that these two will forge a bond that will be totally independent of their parents or any other story they live. To have a sister, a sibling you love - that is the best.


Jano-Fred said...

Décidément, tu apprécies les vieilles pierres. Mais je préfère les châteaux qui tiennent debout à ceux qui tombent en ruine.
On dirait que Marguerite joue à la petite maman.
Sa photo devant ces fleurs (des hortensias ?) la mettent en lumière. Une belle jeune fille, c'est vrai. Et apparemment une grande sœur qui éprouve des sentiments affectueux pour sa benjamine. Que demander de plus ?

Elaine said...

This is lovely, and it makes me wonder how I was with my brother when he was born.

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