June 8, 2011

Rambling Paris and New York thoughts.

Look at all those windows. Like stars in New York.

And this is where the row boats take a break next to drippy trees.

Back to Paris - another church looking like King Kong, ready to eat the street it faces. Get ready Miss June.

A velvety red Paris staircase with shadows only Paris could keep.


laceybediz said...

LOVE that staircase shot!

Marnie said...

I'm pretty sure I've driven down that road in Paris - and past that church - in the Playstation game 'Midtown Madness'! Lol! Great shots :D


Emilie, I love your photos. A real joy to sprint through, then slow down and study. I just chose one at random, they are all something else. Thanks for showing my two home towns in ways I'd have never seen them.

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