June 16, 2011

Les Joly 1926.

I married into a lovely French family. The most traditional of sorts. Look at some of them in 1926. This is Xavier's grandfather's family (his dad's father) - Marcel is first on the left, front row (you can see Xavier in him - it is strange to recognize your husband in a photo of someone else from 1926). I love all those boys, their raiment; the girls and their socks and shoes - the little fat blonde one.


Marnie said...

Wow! That's a fine family indeed. Mais, where was Mme Joly? Hopefully lying down somewhere resting!!!

Millie said...

Hi Emilie!

Wow, they sure are a cute bunch! I just discovered your blog, and have been trawling through your photos - I especially love the photos of Paris. I'm going to France on a year long exchange in August, so I'm currently obsessed with looking at blogs that have a French theme!

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