June 12, 2011

Washington for the weekend.

...a last minute trip to Washington for the weekend to visit my parents and family. My parents spend a good portion of their lives outside, near or on mountains. So the very first act involved biking & hiking near Mount Rainier. I am always stunned by the overgrown size of everything in this part of Washington - trees, plants, waterfalls, the drops down to a river.

The one thing that was not oversized was my dad's jacket. Ironically, the man who is notoriously well-outfitted neglected to put his backpack in the car before leaving. It was 50 degrees cooler in Seattle than in New York (no exaggeration!) and jackets were a requisite here, especially up in the mountains. So, he borrowed one of my mom's and I think it really suited him.


Jill said...

Love that picture of your mom and dad, and the one of your dad in Rosie's jacket. I can't believe he can wear your tiny mom's clothes.

All pictures lovely! What a beautiful place. Now I want to visit there.

Brad said...

It was indeed a trip to remember. Thanks for making it possible and for sharing these photos.

The jacket is a new fashion statement -- the jacket equivalent of capri pants.

D1Warbler said...

These photos are National Geographic worthy!

(And -- I concur about the photo of your parents!)

Julie said...

Love it - wish we could have been there.

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