May 2, 2011

Sun of the Corsican variety.

I went swimming here.

And here.

Here too.

I went to Corsica alone. I invited Xavier; he was uninterested (or employed, I couldn't figure out which weighed more in his 'no'). He's pretty bossy (one of the things I really do like); so I am (I like that more). So, ça va, quoi. I not only went without Xavier, I also went for three days with hardly any words. The time drew out like a stretched out slinky - I had so much more of it than I ever thought I would. So it would seem that words stab time and force it into smaller clods and ergo you get more bits and less overall taffy (that which, for me in Corsica, was stretched). At least that is how I feel about it after being soused by words again today. There were all sorts and they all seemed to take on overimportant personalities: backer, commander (the squishing kind), incomer, monkey (the mimicking kind), grownup, encroacher, vamp (love those - especially in gay paris), enchanter - the words all around me today felt like beings who were taking form and closing in. Strange words to describe words. But these characters also made the day whiz by (tightly wound slinky). I also read Colette in Corsica, which might have something to do with it. Brilliant (I am in love).


Xavier Joly said...

Employed mostly

fashion survivor said...

Brava for you for going alone--I travel alone a lot as it's often difficult to coordinate trips with busy friends. It's lovely to have a companion, but solo travel has its own rewards!

Corsica looks beautiful. Might have to add it to my list, next to Sardinia. Maybe even both in one go.

Brad said...

The colors in these photos are stunning.

Rebekah V. said...

A visual feast. Again, I am living through you and enjoyed the silence and solitude. Not much of that around here.

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