May 1, 2011

Fromage de Chevre.

On the long road, I took a sharp left suddenly when I saw the sign:

It was guaranteed cheese from the gods: local chevre. Bespoke a smelly but very tasty ending. The road was like this:

That was the portion of the road that was paved, the unpaved portion had such large potholes, I was almost in tears at some point (it took quite a lot to get me to that point - several vehicles who came in the opposite direction - requiring long bouts of reversing, enormous ravines in the road, basically a trail that was not at all fashioned for my particular vehicle). At some point I decided that I had devoted a lot of energy to this cheese and I happened to be famished, so I plowed ahead and willed the car over the difficult passages. My little car and I, we made it.

Then I waited for my turn to get the cheese.

The cheese was almighty. This is hard chevre (very salty, almost like feta, but richer). I also purchased soft chevre, the kind that melts in your mouth and has the consistency of a gooey butter. I ate the entire wheel almost by the time I had forced my wheels to retrace their treacherous path. It was my way of keeping my mind off the road in front of me - psychologically necessary in order to carry on. Finally, little car and I bounced back on to the larger (not by much) road and headed on our way.


la_sale_bete said...

Oh, I love this cheese story so much! I hope you're having a great time.

Marnie said...


Brad said...

This is a great story with gorgeous photos. I'm glad you did not follow the rule on your car rental agreement that prohibits taking it on unpaved roads. I love the adventurous spirit.

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