May 11, 2011


Over the weekend we sashayed over to Rambouillet, where the château de Rambouillet awaited us. (This is the one about which Marie-Antoinette is rumored to have declared she could never live in such a toadhouse!)

Marguerite came equipped.

Choices, choices - such difficult choices, her tapping fingers and stance bellowed.

The geese gibbered in the grass.

The sun shone in stripes.

The poppies were declaring their love of this crazy Parisian weather. (This entire Spring in Paris has been a dream)!

And the château was lucky enough to have very good porters keeping watch.


Maria Petrova said...

RAAAAAR the tapping fingers & the open poppy... LOVE LOVE LOVE, so THRILLED for you out in the french sun!

canonizer said...

I guess with all this fun in a different country I can accept your lack of returning my calls, EMIL.

Rosie said...

Hugs to Marguerite! See you in a week! I am excited...

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