February 4, 2011

Le tigre qui pleure.

This round in Paris has taken me places I've never been before. La Société, for instance - that restaurant that stares at Paris' oldest church, l'Église de Saint-Germain-des-Prés (~580) and invites all sorts of long-legged beauties through the door who wear thigh-high woolen socks and little teeny pleated skirts, despite the frigid weather. (4, place Saint Germain)

La Société is celebrated for its crowd, its lighting and its food.

The menu included such fantasies as le tigre qui pleure (the crying tiger), panna cotta aux myrtilles, crazy cheese and truffle wonders, etc.

My favorite part of all, though, was one menu choice that read in French:
"Magnifique côte de veau de race limousine de parents connus."

Can you imagine how they translated this on the English version of the menu?
"Beautiful veal chop from famous limousian French parents."

Extremely charming.


Anonymous said...

Hello Emile,
I accidently stumbled upon your web site because for another reason entirely. That said I don t want to offend you in any way but i've worked at one of the Costes Restaurants for a while and also speak french fluently not to sound douchy but "Magnifique côte de veau de race limousine de parents connus" means that the meat is traceable and we know where its from in the Limousin region of france. They are not from famous french parents. Though that would be really cool! : )

Anonymus French Guy.

Emilie said...

It was a humorous, purposefully literal translation. I am fluent in French. But thanks for the clarification and for sticking up for Les Costes.

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