February 11, 2011

Fancy ice blocks.

Blaire, beautiful Blaire (who recently started an online boutique: The Vitrine where the exquisites will make you swoon), invited me to go to an opening, "Ailleurs" at l'Espace Louis Vuitton [60, rue de Bassano]. Ran ran ran after work to get there (only a little more than a hop from where I work in the 8e). Such a high-fashion, snooty place. So many m'as-tu vu? types. (Have you stopped to appreciate my wonder, because I am thoroughly inspecting you). Meanwhile, I was appreciating Blaire's wonder and how good it was to reconnect after not seeing her since I moved from Paris a year ago. Also wondering over the melting letter blocks hanging from the ceiling (Laurent Mulot, "Middle of Nowhere").

Next wonder: Tia-Calli Borlase's bra creations. ("Geographie du Plaisir"). As Blaire pointed out - such softness to provoke such menacing shadows. Almost like their shadows are the wire hangers they hang from. Mechanical in some way.

Next: Bas Jan Ader's boat, "In search of the miraculous" - a tragic, but beautiful story of a 33-year old artist setting sail across the Atlantic on an impossibly small boat. He got lost.

Next: looking skyward in the Louis Vuitton store [101, avenue des Champs Elysées].

To finish: the bathrooms in Tokyo Eat - the restaurant at Palais du Tokyo [13 Avenue du Président Wilson].


la_sale_bete said...

Wow, it looks like a neat show! The shadows of the ice block letters remind me of the Pathe logo. I'm glad you are coming home.

Maria Petrova said...

ah ah ah!!!

alpal said...

very very cool exhibit. thanks for sharing the wonder.

Blaire said...

it was a fun evening; I am taking some of the jellyfish pics for my site with courtesy of course. :) i look mildly insane in this photo btw.

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