February 27, 2011

Day 2: Universal Studios.

Day 2 was Universal Studios - where there had been much talk about Harry Potter land and Andrew was anxiously awaiting his chance to size up Hogsmeade. Marguerite was pretty excited to pass through Dr. Seuss-land on our way, where we ran into trufulla trees and many sneeches - star-bellied and not - and green eggs and ham. Her English vocabulary is actually most extensive in this lexicon, so she was right at home here.

I think he approved.


Marnie said...

Thankyou for those pics of WWoHP!! We're saving up for a family trip (pretty expensive from Australia). But I also have to say that Seuss Landing is one of my favourite places on earth. I loved it. Glad to see it's still there and looking as beautiful as ever :)

D1Warbler said...

Looks llike everyone was having a ball!

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