June 28, 2010

Play Me, I'm Yours

I have arrived in Paris, but before I left New York, there was a phenomenon that held all my ardor. It was called "Play Me, I'm Yours."

On Friday, I swore that I spied a piano in the entrance of the building where I work on Park Avenue. It was true. Later that day, Amy, my co-worker, told me about this art installation all over New York: pianos everywhere. It is artist Luke Jerram's proejct, which had previously visited London. Here is the concept: 2 weeks, 60 pianos, 8 million New Yorkers, running from June 21-July 5.

So, Amy and I made a break for the elevators to find the piano roosting in the courtyard of the building and there, we held a mini-concert. I had never played the piano outside with the sun and the shade and the noise/aroma of New York - sirens, hot dogs cooking on the corner, traffic. Thrilling. I was immediately addicted to the installation.

So, I went searching for other pianos. They are everywhere. Lincoln Center, Battery Park, Greeley Square, Astor Place, Gansevoort Plaza, Chelsea Market. In comparison to the stretch of New York around the them, they are teeny tiny, but they have these commanding presences - especially with the individuals in this city who are commanding them. New York is so saturated with people who are obscenely talented that there is a constant line to play these babies. And then their voices and the notes dashing from their fingers saturate the space. What magic. Plus, all the pianos will be donated to schools and hospitals after it is over.

I love New York. I will miss you.

(Thanks Amy!)


alpal said...

ridiculously cool!! happy you were able to catch this before your departure, as well. a serendipitous last hurrah of sorts.

Jill said...

What a cool thing. You look very natural sitting at that street piano. Have fun in France!

D1Warbler said...

What a blast! Your Mom will love that picture of you at the piano -- such good form!!!!

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