June 3, 2010

Cat Island.

First, the trip. We flew into Nassau last night and had an early morning flight on a very small plane to a very small island in the Bahamas: Cat Island. The plane carried 19 people and we were the only tourists on it. Fantastic work, Xavier. The plane itself had some charming and terrifying aspects to it.

That propeller, for instance. It looked and sounded like it would stop pirouetting at will.

We sat in the emergency exit row. Voilà ! The instructions:

But we were reassured by the confidence-inspiring sign posted in the plane.

The airport when we arrived on Cat Island was a surprise (hut/trailer). The ticket counter was to die for though.


Rosie said...

Ok, I am really glad I read the above blog first. My only question is how are you going to get home? Or are you planning on being stranded on that beautiful island?

Mark Benson said...


Cat Island is fantastic. Rent a car and drive
Up the coast to Orange Creek. Stop in Pigeon Cay to see a stellar 3 mile unspoiled beach. Check out the Pigeon Cay Beach Club while you are there, say hello to Leslie, Ned & their twins (the owners). Hike to the Hermitage. Stop at Sammy T's in Bennett's Harbor for lunch or a cool one. Talk to the locals, they are wonderful. Enjoy the Real Bahamas of many years ago, Cat Island.

Emilie said...

mama, do not fear. i would be very happy to be stranded here and you could come join me.

mark, thanks for those fantastic suggestions! we shall take you up on them...

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