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June 5, 2010

The Hermitage on Cat Island.

Since I am the daughter of my father, I insisted that we climb the highest mountain in all of the Bahamas..."mountain" is perhaps stretching it in this case. It rises only 206 feet above sea level, but it is still the highest point on these islands. Up there on that rise sits the Hermitage of Cat Island, built by Father John Hawes circa 1940. It is a replica of 12th century abbeys in Europe and hermit "Father Jermone," as he was called, lived up there all alone. He came to the island to retire - he was an architect - but also to meditate and die. But when he came he found a grand connection to the native people and ended up building six churches, one school, one monastery, one convent, one heritage and a medical clinic for their communities. Up here he would sleep and pray, and he was always seen barefoot.


Marnie said...

Fascinating! What was the purpose of that tower attached to the main building by that buttress, looking thing? Bell tower?

Emilie said...

Bell tower - exactly. It now houses a very large hornets nest, which was terrifying.

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