May 21, 2010


One night after work this week, I met up with one of the very first friends I ever made in New York City (~2005, before Paris) and we headed to the banks of Brooklyn. Nicholas is an extraordinary fellow. He has harnessed himself with a Clark Gable mustache and he bears the weight of it so perfectly. This is not a joke (as he says). He likes the immediate affinity he experiences with old ladies when they wonder aloud...Clark Gable? And he nods in affirmation. He really was thinking exactly that going in to it. Nicholas has a master's degree in poetry and is printing his first book of rhymes this week entitled, Inside me a Whale is Taking Shape. I'll let you know how to get a copy. It will be worth it. (And when the whale surfaces - that will also be worth it).

Down there, Walt Whitman commands the railings (Crossing Brooklyn Ferry) just near Wallabout Bay:

Flow on, river! Flow with the flood-tide, and ebb with the ebb-tide!
Frolic on, crested and scallop-edged waves!
Gorgeous clouds of the sunset! Drench with your splendor me, or the men and women generations after me!
Cross from shore to shore, countless crowds of passengers!
Stand up, tall masts of Manhattan! Stand up, beautiful hills of Brooklyn!


Marnie said...

Thanks Emilie. I find your photos are quite like visual poetry to me. Thankyou :)

Jill said...

Emilie, you could seriously win awards with your photography. I would love to have some of your art on my wall.

Love the Clark Gable look alike too.

D1Warbler said...

Just found out my family owns Gardiner Island off the coast of Long Island. Would love to see it!!

Lion Gardiner -- the first Lord Gardiner of Gardiner Island (my
12th great-grandfather) helped settle the first English colony in New York and his only son, David (my 11th great grandfather) was the first white child born in New York (which was actually part of Connecticut at the time). (Does this make me a "Native" of New York????)

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