May 9, 2010

4 Copains et le Voyage Méditerranée.

Xavier unearthed something amazing when he went home to Paris to drop Mlle. Marguerite off - a video of his dad circa 1966 (he was 18 years old). The video features Vincent, one of Vincent's brothers and two friends on a boundless road trip (15,000 kilometers) that started on the Champs-Élysées:

Paris ---> Greece ---> Turkey ---> Egypt ---> Libya ---> Tunisia ---> Morocco ---> Spain.

[Left to right] Jean-Pierre, Pierre, Rémi, Vincent- 4 Frenchies on a grand adventure.

This picture was taken at the very end of their voyage and they all look so skinny because they hardly had "un sou" (a penny). They pulled over and slept on mats every night. They had several crashes along the way, one of which included rolling the car four times (much to the displeasure of Vincent and Rémi's father, who had paid for half the car [the classic 4L by Renault], on the condition that he would get it back at the end of their trip...).

That is Xavier's dad on the top left.

The video itself is poetic, there are scenes that are pastoral magic. Those boys, the freedom, the era that is gone, the sensation of the sun - it is 15 minutes worth watching:


D1Warbler said...

As you say, definitely 15 minutes worth watching. The shots of the deserts and especially of Petra brought back memories from our trip to Israel, Jordan and Oman a year and a half ago. (Especially the shots of the camels!) When they started showing Petra, I thought -- gee, that looks like they were in the canyon going down to the Treasury Building in Petra, and sure enough -- they were!

Some of the totally "guy" moments were great, too. They reminded me of things that the Fleming and Holker boys might do. (Have you seen any of Matt Fleming's pictures of his adventures lately?)

Anyway, too cool. The old cars, the horse and donkey drawn carts and the camels -- oh how I remember the camels. Thanks for sharing this.

Heather said...

crazy beautiful. whaaaa. thank you for sharing!

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