August 3, 2009

Rock climbing with my super strong brother Marc.

Here he is:

When those aforementioned little boys (cousin Jill's Jonathan and Jeffrey) asked Marc why he was staying at their house recently, he did exactly this pose and said, "Does this answer your question?" They paused and then one of them said, "Yeah." For the next little while they were often found pointing to their elbow or their knee, nonsensically asking Marc, "Is this your question?"

Even during the scary parts, Marc would talk us through where to put our little scrunched up feet (in the climbing shoes) and where to dig our fingers into the rock or point our toes or anything really. He always talks in a calm voice (except when very angry) and often ends a sentence with 'right.' I like that. When I am hanging on a rock and he is belaying.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Those muscles of Marc's do definitely answer my question. WOWZA!

P.S. You guys are very brave.

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