November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Gaiety.

Everyone indulged us and came up to Harlem for Thanksgiving feasting this year. 15 friends - had a ball. Colette helped set up and pranced around. A lot of cooks in the crowd, so the dishes were sapid - everything beautiful. A lot of entertainers in the crowd as well - laughter high and low. We concluded the evening with a quick lap of charades.

November 25, 2014

George Washington + Colette.

Enchanted by the view of Mr. Hamilton's house out our windows (especially on early foggy mornings). The other day Colette informed me Alexander Hamilton was friends with George Washington - pretty impressive. She saunters across the street to have "George" - the guard - turn on "the movie" about every other day, holding Claire's hand of course. They sit and she learns about feuds between the founding fathers and George Washington and pens with feathers. I wonder what she thinks about the duel.

November 22, 2014

ACL + my mama.

I keep waking up to contract my right quadricep to push my knee cap back. That is what the paper they handed me after surgery tells me to do to speed recovery and mobility. So I do it - obsessively. ACL surgery on Wednesday felt like a bit of a set back. About a month after my bike accident, I was walking almost without a limp. But without surgery, I would still be missing a ligament in my knee - and a lot of strength and stability.

The surgeon reported that the reconstruction "was perfect." I hope he meant that very literally. He signed his initials on my knee: CA - must have been very proud of his work. Pretty remarkable what he went in and did - took a strip of my hamstring to create a new "ACL" (ligament), drilled holes in the tibia and femur and attached that strip of muscle with screws. I have a whole knee again.

Bless her - my mama flew in for a few days to save me. Scooped up both babies and floated around the house working magic. Every time Colette was about to lose it (again), Grandma Rosie had a new song to play on the piano or another art project or hug. She made us feel really special. Romy was especially pleased, as you can see. So sweet. Now for all the stairs in this house. Requisite physical therapy.

November 20, 2014


The hair.


Standing grand.

Hats & scarves (fox by Madame Danièle Boucher!).

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