April 18, 2015

Walk it out.

Spring sunshine, strutting their selves. Great face Romy Danda.

This is love.

April 14, 2015

I rode my bike again.

I wore my helmet around the house a few evenings last week – a means of fortifying my spirit to be brave enough to get back on my bike in the city. I know it was delinquent, but I didn’t even wear one before my accident happened. About 1 day after ACL surgery last fall, Xavier brought me home a really sturdy, bulky helmet - symbolic gift of healing.

So, I did it. I rode to work. I changed course slightly – avoiding 7th Avenue south of Central Park entirely. Honestly, I will probably avoid Seventh Avenue in midtown for the rest of my life. My subconscious self must have been edgy about braving NYC/bike anew…I woke up periodically the night before with an aching knee (which I will gleefully report does not really happen anymore. I am pain free, with just a touch of stiffness and only slightly hampered flection).

Central Park was as dreamy as ever – feeling breathless climbing the rolling hills along the road that snakes through the park. Breathless with excitement about the ride - my legs recognizing the rotations and pretty much keeping pace with my old self. It was therapeutic. I won't lie - as I exited the park and entered the flow of traffic, I also felt like I was inviting an early death, but if I let myself reason that way I wouldn't do very much at all. I love city bike riding.

April 8, 2015

Cape Cod Easter.

We ventured to the end of Cape Cod for the Easter holiday – to spend the weekend with some of our favorite people – all uncles and aunts, of sorts, at John’s idyllic home. One thing I love about Stephen and John's relationship with Provincetown is how much time they spend outdoors, regardless of the weather, the season, the time of day. They will invariably be found in the water at some point. We go to commune with the birds in the Beech Forest every time. Sand dune walking. Blanket on the beach time.

John and Colette had and nourished many of the same impulses throughout this trip. John has as much staying power as Colette when it comes to the delight of getting one’s feet wet. They both had their pants rolled up, feet soaked, water-logged boots recurrently. And both Colette and Romy were lucky the whole group was attuned to their way of thinking. Meredith, Jordan, Jerry, Stephen, John and Sprout all live with whimsy and it was kind of like the two girls were encircled by extra capable playmates. Painting, panting, chasing, hiding, exploring, watching, soaking it all in.

March 31, 2015

Hello to the sky.

Original composition. Budding tenor.
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