January 19, 2015


Fingers crossed.

January 17, 2015


One of the things we found most thrilling in California was the animals. Near Carmel, we saw plenty of California Sea Lions, playful in the water - huddling together to sun in the December air. Very sweet. And further south, we got the chance to see a colony of elephant seals that come each winter. They come ashore only once a year, to give birth and mate. The males were aggressively going at each other and the baby seals were barking wildly. It was amazing because the males were monstrous, literally (2.5 tons), undulating awkwardly - obese - and unable to move. They looked almost stranded on land, they moved with such difficulty. Then when they would slide into the water, they were transformed.

January 13, 2015

Galette des Rois.

Annual fête in honor of the kings...the first year Colette took the most important role in the festivity. She hid under the table and called out the names of guests one by one as each piece of the cake was distributed accordingly. That part of the ritual makes it truly magical to find the fève is hiding out in your piece of the galette. The fève happened to be in the original queen's piece. It was a little figurine of an éclair, but Colette thought it was a hot dog...very French of her.

January 8, 2015

ROMY = 1.

Romy turned one just after the New Year. This photo from the summer sums her up well: harmonious babe. We love this little soul. Sometimes her older sister Colette's tantrums take up a lot of space and through it all, Romy abides - peacefully. No matter how many times she gets pushed over, she is ready with a smile and excited eyes as soon as Colette comes back to 'play.' She bobs up and down - dancing and squatting - getting ready to take off, free like a feathered creature. She is magic. We love you Romy Danda.

January 4, 2015

Big Sur.

Jaw dropping: Big Sur. Startled by its untamed beauty. Admired that it was so untouched. Crags, bluffs and precipices - wild water, grass and green the color of spring and blue-blue sky.

Around every zigzag in that one-lane road was a vista that mandated a stop. (At least I felt continually compelled - because Xavier didn't always want to stop...he was taken by the beauty, but also by the car he was driving. He somehow managed to upgrade the rental to a Corvette. Albeit bright yellow. I was slightly embarrassed when we would pull up and the engine sounded like an angry brute. He only got pulled over once).

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