April 26, 2016

New York in April.

I think I like it best: spring. Here in New York City. Some places are best in other seasons, but this one peaks April/May. The mix of blossoms and small bodies/voices exaggerates the feeling. We are always trolling the Conservatory Garden in the north part of Central Park, scouting out new decrees of spring.

Romy has become savvy. Can't be one way most minutes with her and then suddenly demand a sweet kiss. No way.

April 15, 2016

Provence in April.

Xavier and I took a lightning trip to the south of France this past weekend. The light in that region has a pull – its own force. Really powerful even in the early spring. We stayed in Aix-en-Provence, lured by honey alleys and pewter shutters – violaceous blooming trees. Streets for ambling. We explored the city and the countryside around it – walked through olive groves lined with blossoming fruit trees. The scope of outdoor exploring/unearthing beauty is endless. Honestly, I wouldn't go back and when I went through my photographs of the place I realized I had only shot tiny macro depictions.

I spent an extra bit of time in the region after Xavier had left. I explored the tiny hilltop village Saint-Paul de Vence. I had heard it referenced many times when discussing the south of France with people. I was charmed, but also suprised by how almost synthetic it felt. Strolling down the very authentic cobblestone streets (about as wide as one's outstretched arms) - I looked up down, awed by the perfection of the buildings and the position of the plants and the boutiques (the town is overrun by shops). It is literally an imagined, tiny French village - preserved and kept for tourists. I wondered if anyone really lived there.

I also stayed in Antibes. I know one other little town down the shore pretty well, but I always like to search out the "Sentier du Littoral" (coastal path) when near the coast in France. Antibes did not disappoint. Start at Plage Garoupe (park there) and the path winds beautifully along the coast - remote and far for about 2 hours around the Cap d'Antibes. I did the hike close to sundown - pretty stunning.

April 5, 2016

March 30, 2016

Easter 2016.

It has become a spring tradition – Provincetown with Stephen and John and a bevy of favorite friends/family.

Colette was talking about it for weeks in advance: “Are we going to Provincetown today?” “Is it today?” until finally it was the day. We loaded into the car and, apart from some attempted whistling (round ‘o’ mouth and little wisps of air – her newest obsessive pursuit), she didn’t make a peep for 5 (!) hours. Muted by her anticipation of Cape Cod fun.

Little Romy, sitting next to her was not herself. She couldn’t get comfortable – was squirming and whimpering. She was hot and looked exhausted, but couldn’t fall asleep. Poor baby – by the time we arrived and attempted to get through one night with her, Xavier announced that he was taking her home. I agreed – he was right. Those two got on a tiny plane and flew back to Boston to take the train to NYC. We were worried about Romy, but also about little baby Lars (~2 months) possibly getting sick, who was part of the crew that weekend. It turned out Romy had pneumonia and she and Xavier spent a weekend bonding. So hard to see a little girl like that – not talking, still with sickness.

Colette and I stayed on and enjoyed the Easter festivities, which included egg dying (naturally), lots of luscious food, a walk in the Beech Forrest, a papier-mâché rabbit - named “Needy” by Colette, story-telling and song-singing, baby holding, yahtzee, beach rock hunting, fire gazing and soaking in a really beautiful place.

Lars is the dreamiest baby. Watchful and content.

Madame Colette and her 'doudous' (tucked in like scarves into her jacket) heading back from a beach hop.

A cardinal signaling the color to come. These birds have a special spot in my heart - they were my grandma's favorite.

Baby love.

Two fine looks.

I did a bit of egg research this year and fell upon a Ukrainian easter egg method using hot beeswax and a stylus tool called a "kystka." The dyes that came with the kit were vivid - including gorgeous onyx shade. The dyes took very quickly.

Colette whistling away.

Masks are a recurring theme here. Colette looking betwitching.

Fires and the beach.

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