⪧ We left our life in New York City to make a new one in Provence ⪦

April 21, 2017


On the verge of turning 11. She is all handstands, headstands, cartwheels, back walk-overs, twirls and leaps. She is in her body 100%. I hope she never loses it. We soaked her up for 2 full weeks during this Easter vacation. Colette has been at her heels every minute. Such sisters.

April 17, 2017

Romy, a bike ride and the vineyards

I took Romy for a bike ride to pick some of the wild poppies growing everywhere. We brought her Easter basket and she was delighted to 'papote' while riding in the front seat on the bike. She babbled about Marguerite and Colette and the new tree house papa was building for them, about the cats, the beach and the flowers. Singing out "coquelicots" all along the path, as if calling them into her basket. We stopped to examine the new growth in the vineyards that surround our house. New leaves fleshing out brilliant and green. I've loved being here through each season - witnessing how the fields shift and change.

April 15, 2017

Colette's birthday party: 5!

The whole idea was garden games. Sunshine. Grass. 10 kids running around for a few hours. Days of sun piled up directly before and after the date of her party, but rain on the forecast was persistent and stuck. It was pouring - the whole day. Luckily, Xavier pulled through as papa extraordinaire, with special assistant Mademoiselle Marguerite. Marguerite got out every costume we own and displayed them on the living room floor. Within 3 minutes of arrival, each girl was transformed. Xavier had the next thing lined up: “statue” dance party. He was the DJ and when he pressed pause all the girls had to become statues. Next was crafts, guided by the truly experienced Marguerite. Off to hide-and-seek: shrieking in closets, echoing up the stairs, under beds and behind doors. All the girls were frightened and delighted to find Colette’s papa in his tricky hiding spots - wearing his scariest face. Balloon stomping/popping (treasures hidden inside 50 balloons), a deafening game. Then Xavier gathered the gaggle of French girls around the player piano and serenaded them all. Firecrackers with cake. Definitely made an impression. By most measures, a total success. Colette did say after everyone had left, “maybe I will just have 3 friends next year.”

April 9, 2017

Cup of tea with Romy

She is in a golden moment right now. 3.5 years old. Utter sincerity - dispatched directly from those eyes. She is hard to refuse. "Mom, can we have a cup of tea?" Yes, of course! Lemon and honey. And a chat. She has a lot to say. Usually a narrative of animals and a swimming pool episode and a ride on the carousel in Aix-en-Provence (Aif-en-Proventh with her lisp).

April 7, 2017

Our cherry tree

When we visited this house for the first time a year ago, this tree was in full glory. Like this: a sign. Every day since the first blossoms appeared, Romy and I have walked out in the morning to look closely. We all go to it at the end of the day to breathe in its air. The girls gather flowers from its hem and leave me 'bouquets' on my nightstand (heap of wild daisies). Pleased that we could be so wrapped up in wonder for one tree.

April 1, 2017

Sun run in Provence

Casting spring shadows
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