August 12, 2009

Paris Plage Partout

You know about Paris Plage. The beach in the city concept (looks glamorous, right?). Beach lounge chairs along the Seine, imported sand, people stripping off their city-wear for their beach-wear. Most Parisians are well-aware of this luxury offered them during the summer.

But did you know that you also have the opportunity to be a human water hamster at another of Paris' plages? That's right, in this contraption, you can, while floating on the canal, successfully rotate this inflated water wheel round and round by making movements not unlike a frantic gerbil. I was really delighted to come across this accomplishment at the Canal de l'Ourcq, where Paris Plages (note the 's') has now migrated (we are no longer limited to just the banks of the Seine). Wow.

The hamsters taking a well-deserved rest.

Little and big ones can also take boat rides or participate in plastic boat races conducted by what appears to be Zac Efron.

The Paris Plage up here starts at Rotonde de Ledoux (nearest metro: Jaurès) and runs to the former Magasins Généraux (in Rue de Crimée).

1 comment:

Aralena said...

I will race you, Emilie!

I was really expecting to see you in the plastic hamster wheel. It looks like loads of twisted fun.

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