May 8, 2018

'I Spy' in Alghero

At night we headed back to the apartment we were renting and when Romy was too restless for the space, I took her out into the streets where we walked and played I spy. I spy pink socks hanging on lines above the alleyway, I spy creeping jasmine up the gold-toned wall, I spy a granny sitting in her windowsill peeping out at us, I spy a stray cat ambling along the cobblestones, I spy the rainbow-tiled roof of a church, I spy dazzling light around the corner, I spy the sea. She would begin each round by saying, “I spy with my little pie” (her understanding of the game). I spy a summer child.

1 comment:

Parisbreakfasts said...

I Have to go to Sardinia next May!
Inspiring pictures ❤️

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