May 8, 2018


Mid-week we headed toward Bosa and went to a tiny little alcove along the shore called Cala Managu. It happened to be a national holiday and it was the only day when we found ourselves with many others at the beach. (Off-season was a great choice for Sardinia. I have the feeling that in July or August we would have had a very different trip).

In usual fashion, I asked Xavier if he could keep an eye on the girls and went exploring. I hobbled over spiky rocks and around the corner to find what felt like another planet. Green and pink limestone rock faces. Strange rock formations. The same turquoise water but up against new color. I turned another corner after exploring for a while and found another planet entirely. I felt so small. It was a wonderful feeling.

I came back and the girls had found a green-blue starfish and were building relics with shells and seaweed in the sand around it. They had a handful of conical shells in their hands and they suddenly came alive. They were inhabited. Crawly legs and claws emerged, antennae with eyeballs. Hermit crabs. Then the relics shifted from being dedicated to a mystical realm to being transformed into a habitat for these newfound friends.

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